Smoke Responsibly With Your Personal Mouthpiece

Imagine a quiet weekend. You’re spending your day off with a few close friends and cap it off with a recreational marijuana session. Everything would have gone well were it not for the fact that you suddenly don’t feel comfortable with the sudden realization that as the bong, a joint, or a blunt gets passed around, you’re coming in contact with the mouth of the previous person (or persons).


Okay, this may seem like a farfetched scenario, but that doesn’t mean that it is not something that should be of concern. At a time when personal hygiene is of utmost importance, doing the necessary measures to do recreational activities, in this case, having a pot session, has to be done responsibly.


A lot of germs and other disease-causing organisms can be contracted through a person’s mouth. A person can either spread them through his saliva or other body fluids either by sneezing or coughing. The coronavirus is one such virus and one of the most contagious at that. From an infected person, the coronavirus can stay alive on surfaces for a certain number of hours, waiting to come in contact and infect the next susceptible host.


The Solution


However, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to despair! The team at Solo Lipz has got your back and we have the exact thing you’re looking for to make your next marijuana session more hygienic and safer.


Fortunately, we have the best way you can smoke marijuana safer and more hygienically. We’d like to introduce the Solo Lipz Personal Mouthpieces.


These are practical accessories to prevent users from having to put their mouth where another person’s mouth just was. For example, smoking through a bong is safer when using our mouthpieces as it creates a “distance” from the bong to your mouth. Just simply place it on top of the bong and smoke as usual. We also have mouthpieces for your joints and blunts too. Solo Lipz for joints and blunts is easy to use; just slide the blunt or joint into the mouthpiece and once it’s in place just simply hit it as you would a regular joint or blunt. Once you’re done, just remove the joint or blunt from the mouthpiece and pass it around. All our Solo Lipz for blunts and joints come with inserts too so that whatever is the size of your blunt or joints or regardless of how big you roll them; they are guaranteed to fit. With its convenient size, it’s easy to store anywhere and is also easy to clean and carry around.


To promote responsible smoking, the mouthpieces also come with a filter to reduce the introduction of tar into your respiratory system. And for a limited time, all Solo Lipz Products come with a free drawstring bag which you can use to carry your mouthpiece around.


If you think that this will give you peace of mind during your next marijuana session, then feel free to browse through all our available mouthpieces.  If you have questions about their use and compatibility, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to discuss the details with you. Peace!