Bong & Joint Sharing Now Safer and Healthier With Solo Lipz

Thanks to Solo Lipz, medical marijuana patients and cannabis enthusiasts, can now share bongs and joints without fear of picking up germs, viruses, diseases or other complications. Solo Lipz has been earmarked by many as the patent protected invention to correct this. The product is a small extension that attaches to the top-end of bongs, when each user owns Solo Lipz, everyone is protected from germ transfer, where it matters most. As for joints/blunts, you simply slide the end that you would normally hit, on the joint/blunt, into the Solo Lipz and inhale the Solo Lipz mouth piece as you normally would the joint/blunt. When you are done, simply slide the joint/blunt out and pass. This gives you the same protection from germs as the Solo Lipz for bongs. Solo Lipz was devised by Mrs. Smith, a marijuana patient, and enthusiast with deep knowledge of the struggles associated with using bongs, blunts, and joints. Drawing crucial lessons from her first-hand experience in the marijuana market, she realized that Solo Lipz was needed to drive down the cost of usage. Considering the stringent policies and lack of insurance surrounding the use of marijuana across the United States, many have lauded her efforts for making bong, blunt and joint sharing safer and healthier. Outside of medicinal, Solo Lipz can be useful among groups of friends looking to share a blunt or water bong. The company’s slogan “Solo Lipz, For My Lipz Only”, explains the usefulness of the product perfectly.